Captain Graduates from FSA Commanders Academy

NEWS RELEASE 24-024 - MAY 28, 2024

Pictured left to right: St. Johns County Sheriff Rob Hardwick, FSA Executive Director Steve Casey, Captain Debra Kiner,
Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman, and FSA President/Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman is pleased to announce that Captain Debra Kiner graduated on May 24 from the Florida Sheriffs Association Commanders Academy, Graduating Class 15.

Corrections Captain Debra Kiner completed the academy at the Florida Sheriffs Association headquarters in Tallahassee. This program, recognized as the premier course of executive study for mid to upper-level criminal justice leaders, was designed by sheriffs to ensure that these leaders have the background and training to carry out their responsibilities in the agencies they serve.

"Strengthening our organizations from within is our goal, and the Commanders Academy is a critical tool to do just that," commented Sheriff Hoffman. "Law enforcement leadership is complex, and training for decision-making and development makes a difference for our agency and the communities these members serve."

Captain Kiner and commanders from 35 other Florida sheriff's offices participated in this two-week course. The curriculum covers topics such as leadership, ethics, discipline, and other relevant subjects, as well as emerging trends and issues in law enforcement. Additionally, class 15 raised more than $74,682 for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. This donation will help support the youth ranches' mission to prevent delinquency and develop lawful, resilient, and productive citizens.