Inmate Property

Inmate Property

Inmate Property at the Sarasota County Jail will not accept any items mailed or delivered to the jail, including items for inmate release. The only exception is prescription glasses (An eyeglass prescription will be required with the glasses).

Persons sending items for an inmate upon release may utilize the USPS Hold for Pickup (HFPU) service at the Sarasota Main Post Office, located at 1661 Ringling Boulevard.

Inmates may not place any items they possess into Inmate Property including upon transfer to another facility. 

Release of Property
Inmate funds may only be released to bail bond companies. Release of funds for family hardships may be approved by the property supervisor after account review. Hardship fund releases will only be considered if requested within ten (10) days of arrest date. Inmate funds may be released to a designated individual, with appropriate picture identification.

Property may be released to anyone by completing a property release slip and forwarding the completed slip to the property officer. Pictures, stamps, letters, prescription drugs, and cigarettes are not releasable items. Clothing may only be released if an inmate has been sentenced to the Florida Department of Corrections.

Individuals that pick up released property must have appropriate identification to receive the released property. Property will be released seven (7) days a week at all hours except 03:00 PM to 07:00 PM. Individuals may contact the property section at 941.861.4601 to confirm items are ready for pickup. Property release slips are valid for five (5) business days.

Released property may not be returned for any reason.