Administrative Division Chief Graduates  From FSA Commanders Academy

NEWS RELEASE 24-009 - APRIL 1, 2024
Kiesel graduation

 Pictured left to right: FSA Executive Director Steve Casey, Leon County Sheriff Walt McNeil, Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office Chief Lisa Kiesel,
Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman, and Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman joined Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) leadership to congratulate SCSO Chief Lisa Kiesel on her graduation from the FSA Commanders Academy on Friday.

The Commanders Academy is recognized as the premier course of executive study for mid to upper-level criminal justice leaders. The core curriculum of the two-week course is focused on leadership, ethics, discipline, and additional subject matter areas related to leadership in law enforcement. FSA welcomed over 50 presenters and panelists to instruct the deputies and personnel representing 36 Florida sheriffs' offices who graduated from the prestigious Commanders Academy. The academy is an informative and educational experience vital for the next generation of public safety leaders.

Beyond the core curriculum, the attendees study emerging trends, issues, and recent high-profile events that impact sheriffs. Each topic is threaded with subjects unique to the culture of the Office of Sheriff. No other criminal justice program in the state provides this level of executive training.

"In recognizing the achievements of the 2024 Commanders Academy graduates, we applaud their dedication to excellence and their commitment to serving with integrity and valor," said FSA President and Nassau County Sheriff Bill Leeper. "Through highly specialized training and a determination to excel, these 36 commanders have honed their leadership skills, fortified their problem-solving abilities, and embraced the highest standards of ethical conduct. Armed with these formidable capabilities, they stand ready to lead with distinction."

FSA Executive Director Steve Casey said, "The Commanders Academy stands as a beacon of excellence within Florida's law enforcement community. Devoted to facilitating professional growth, it equips our commanders with the latest strategies and tactics necessary to navigate evolving public safety issues. By instilling the highest standards of conduct and accountability, the academy empowers graduates to excel in their roles as leaders and protectors. Their ability to apply wisdom from seasoned experts to real-world scenarios not only elevates Florida's sheriffs' offices but sets a national benchmark for protection, leadership, and unity."

In addition to completing the training course, Commanders Academy Class 14 raised over $29,500 for the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches. This generous donation will help support the mission of the Florida Sheriffs Youth Ranches in preventing delinquency and developing lawful, resilient, and productive citizens.

"Our agency values and prioritizes this caliber of leadership training as it benefits all facets of law enforcement," said Sheriff Hoffman. "These new commanders are trusted with complex challenges during their careers, and professional development remains critical to their success."