Captain Graduates from FSA Commanders Academy

NEWS RELEASE 23-050 - SEPTEMBER 18, 2023
Woodring, Mange, Leonard

Pictured left to right: Colonel Brian R. Woodring, Former Sheriff Geoffrey Monge, and Captain Brigit Leonard

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman is pleased to announce that Captain Brigit Leonard graduated on September 15 from the Florida Sheriff’s Association’s Commanders Academy, Graduating Class 13.

Patrol Captain Brigit Leonard completed the academy at the Florida Sheriff’s Association headquarters in Tallahassee. Sheriffs were instrumental in designing the academy to ensure that criminal justice leaders have the background and training to carry out their responsibilities within the agencies they serve. The program has become recognized as the premier course of executive study for mid to upper-level criminal justice leaders.

“As we work to reduce crime in our communities and strengthen our organizations from within, the Commanders Academy is a beneficial training tool for law enforcement leaders across Florida,” commented Sheriff Hoffman. “Leadership development and training is critical in preparation for the complexities and decision-making skills necessary for their success.”

Captain Leonard and commanders from 33 other Florida sheriff’s offices participated in this two-week course on topics including leadership, ethics, discipline, and other relevant subjects, as well as emerging trends and issues in law enforcement.

At the graduation ceremony, Captain Leonard and Colonel Woodring were honored to spend time with former Sheriff Geoffrey Monge, who served Sarasota County from 1985-2001 and hired both as patrol deputies.