SCSO and United Way Partner on Eviction Intervention Plan

NEWS RELEASE 23-033 - JULY 10, 2023
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The Sarasota County Sheriff's Office (SCSO) is excited to announce a new partnership to support landlords and tenants facing an eviction crisis.

SCSO has joined forces with the United Way of South Sarasota County (UWSSC) to establish a program aimed at mitigating the effects of residential evictions, which may result in homelessness of the tenant. Every day our deputies encounter tenants with no alternative housing options who are also grappling with health-related concerns, financial issues, or hurricane recovery. These tenants include vulnerable community members such as families with children, veterans, and the elderly.

SCSO deputies will identify and engage with those experiencing eviction and guide them to a UWSSC case manager who will review the status of their eviction and deploy a plan of action for assistance or referral. According to Barbara Cruz, CEO of United Way of South Sarasota County, "This program is critical for our community because it aids in mitigating evictions which can lead to homelessness. Our agency witnessed first-hand how the 'perfect storm' impacted our community. Covid, rising inflation, and Hurricane Ian combined laid the foundation for the increasing number of evictions and homelessness".

To increase awareness for this joint effort, the sheriff's office has begun placing informational door hangers at the residences where tenants face potential eviction. These door hangers provide tenants with the contact information for the UWSSC so they can engage with the agency as quickly as possible. Additionally, our deputies are making every effort to personally reach out to tenants before serving a final eviction notice to determine if UWSSC can assist them.

While this collaboration aims to benefit landlords and tenants across Sarasota County, it also serves as a vital resource for our deputies responsible for evictions, enabling them to assist more effectively those who may find themselves in unique situations and are uncertain about their next steps.