Sheriff Hoffman Presents Awards

Three Photos - Copy

                     Lt. Michael A. Dumer, Sgt. Michael L. Jackson, Lt. Mark A. Lefebvre, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman; Sgt. Britton D. Turner, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman; Dep. Katina C. McKnight, Det. Austin F. Pacher, Dep. Matthew J. Binkley,                                                                                                                                and Dep. Ronald C. Bairos, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman. Not pictured: Dep. Brian R. Olree, Dep. Daniel W. Furner, Sgt. Danny E. Schumann

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman presented several awards during a ceremony Wednesday to recognize employees who demonstrated exemplary service to their community.

Deputy Brian R. Olree received the Life Saving Award for his actions on July 7, 2022. Motorists flagged down Olree, who was assisting with a DUI crash, and advised of a subject lying in the roadway, unresponsive and not breathing. Olree, suspecting that it may have been an overdose, administered one dose of Naloxone and notified dispatch that paramedics were needed. Immediately, he began CPR, and when there were no signs of life, he administered another dose of Naloxone and continued CPR. After three more minutes of compressions, the subject began breathing independently. Olree's efforts are commendable and in line with the high standards set by the agency.

Sergeant Britton D. Turner and Deputy Daniel W. Furner received the Life Saving Award for their actions on November 17, 2022. Around 9:00 p.m., deputies responded to a call for an unresponsive female. It was determined that the victim had experienced an unknown medical issue and was not breathing. Furner began providing life-saving measures and instructed other deputies to assist with gathering pertinent information to provide to responding Sarasota County Fire Department (SCFD) personnel. Furner continued CPR until the arrival of fire/rescue personnel, who began advanced life support and administered Naloxone. Sergeant Turner then took over chest compressions from Furner and provided additional aid. After approximately ten rounds of CPR, the victim regained a pulse and was transported to Doctors Hospital. Later, the medical staff advised that the actions of Turner and Furner were pivotal in the victim's survival. The outcome could have been dire without teamwork and decisiveness in delivering life-saving care to the victim.

Lieutenant Michael A. Dumer, Lieutenant Mark A. Lefebvre, Sergeant Michael L. Jackson, and Sergeant Danny E. Schumann received the Life Saving Award for their actions on March 26, 2023. The four deputies were working together at the Baltimore Orioles baseball game when dispatch advised of a medical emergency in section 205 of the stadium. Upon arrival, CPR was initiated by all four deputies until the Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) was brought by the Orioles staff. An SCFD medic was also present to provide medical assistance and verbal instructions to the deputies while they continued life-saving measures. The AED delivered two shock cycles, and the patient was then transported to Sarasota Memorial Hospital. It was later learned the patient was expected to fully recover. Additionally, the SCFD medic relayed that he was amazed at the effectiveness of the medical attention the sheriff's deputies provided. The patient was in imminent danger of succumbing to a severe medical issue, and were it not for the quick, efficient, and effective actions of Dumer, Lefebvre, Jackson, and Schumann, the outcome could have been very different.

Detective Austin F. Pacher and Deputies Katina C. McKnight, Matthew J. Binkley, and Ronald C. Bairos received the Life Saving Award for their actions on December 19, 2022. A call was received at 1:09 p.m. reporting that a female had been shot in an apartment complex. McKnight and Pacher arrived first and located the victim motionless in the hallway. The shooter's location was unknown at the time. As they approached, McKnight assessed the injuries while Pacher maintained scene security. Binkley and Bairos arrived and assisted McKnight. The victim suffered two gunshot wounds – one in the chest and the other to her side but had survived the shooting. Binkley, Bairos, and McKnight moved her from the hallway, given the potential danger of the location and the victim's declining health status. As the deputies moved her toward the exit, Pacher continued to provide security. The victim was loaded into McKnight's vehicle and transported to the emergency medical service (EMS) staging area, where they were met by SCFD personnel who transported her to Sarasota Memorial Hospital for further treatment. Detective Pacher and Deputies McKnight, Binkley, and Bairos exhibited extraordinary merit and dedication to duty in this successful life-saving attempt.

"Time after time, we see our employees going above and beyond in the line of duty," commented Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman. "Sarasota County has many deputies who perform heroic efforts and save lives, which is something to be extremely proud of."