Captain Graduates FSA Commanders Academy

Tutko Commanders school
FSA Executive Director Steve Casey, FSA President Al Nienhuis, Capt. Daniel Tutko, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman, and Gadsden County Sheriff Morris A. Young

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman is pleased to announce that another staff member graduated from the Florida Sheriffs Association’s Commanders Academy.

Friday, Daniel Tutko, Emergency Operations Bureau Captain, completed the Academy at the Florida Sheriffs Association headquarters in Tallahassee. In collaboration with the Florida Criminal Justice Executive Institute, sheriffs designed the Academy to ensure mid to upper-level criminal justice leaders have the background and training to carry out their agency responsibilities.

“The FSA Commanders Academy is highly beneficial to law enforcement leaders as we work to reduce crime in our communities and strengthen the leadership and infrastructure of our organizations,” commented Sheriff Hoffman. “Daily, our law enforcement commanders must make thoughtful and complex decisions. Leadership development training is critical to making those types of decisions.”

Tutko and commanders from 34 other Florida sheriff’s offices participated in a two-week curriculum with more than 50 presenters and panelists on topics including leadership, ethics, discipline, and other areas related to upper-level leadership as well as emerging trends and issues in law enforcement.