Sheriff Hoffman Announces 2022 Employees of the Year

NEWS RELEASE 23-013 - MARCH 29, 2023
EOTY Graphic - Copy

From left: Communications Operator I Crystal (Crissy) Moore, Communications Operator I Cyntihia Ansurez, and Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman; Deputy Dale “Eric” Ellis, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman;
Investigative Aide Tammy Gilleo, Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman, Corrections Deputy Ian Vaughn and Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman presented several awards during a ceremony Tuesday to recognize the 2022 Employees of the Year.

Communications Operator I Cynthia Ansurez and Communications Operator I Crystal (Crissy) Moore, 2022 Quality Assurance of the Year Award recipients, do not only work side by side but are sisters. Ansurez and Moore each had forty-five calls reviewed for quality assurance to receive this award. Both sisters earned all high compliance marks for medical and fire calls and 100% compliance for law calls. Their ability to perform at such an elevated level under the constant pressure of every emergency shows their professionalism and dedication to each caller and the agency.

Deputy Dale “Eric” Ellis, 2022 Law Enforcement Deputy of the Year, has demonstrated exemplary performance in all areas of law enforcement and is the only member of our agency attached to the US Marshal’s Service Task Force. Ellis has shown himself to be a team player by frequently working overtime in patrol, assisting the forensics lab, and working closely with detectives and tactical units. He is often called upon by tenured investigators for his expertise and experience. In August of 2022, Deputy Ellis responded to an armed burglary. He and other deputies encountered a subject armed with a machete. Ellis positioned himself to keep the other officers safe. The suspect struck his hand, and he sustained significant injuries that required surgery. Because of his dedication to recovery, he returned to full-duty four weeks earlier than expected. His record shows continuous commitment to his agency and community.

Investigative Aide Tammy Gilleo, 2022 Civilian Employee of the Year, has served the sheriff’s office for twenty-two years with the criminal investigations section and is the only civilian field training officer within that section. This year Gilleo trained eleven new detectives and two investigative aides over nineteen full weeks of training. In addition to training and the many cases she handles, Gilleo is busy assisting detectives and patrol deputies with subpoenas, obtaining and reviewing video surveillance, and creating photo line-ups. She has proved herself a team player and an effective partner with whomever she works. Based on her experience, work product, and understanding of white-collar investigations, she was selected to work with the economic crimes unit beginning last December.

Corrections Deputy Ian Vaughn, 2022 Corrections Deputy of the Year, has worked in many correctional facility areas and gained respect for his work ethic, quality and quantity of work, and commitment to this agency. Vaughn has demonstrated dedication by volunteering to come in early and work late. For most of the year, he was the only programs deputy. Because of his efficiency and ability to multi-task, he kept programs running smoothly. In the process, he was directly involved in assisting six individuals with earning their GED. He was vital in completing four classes for construction-based training and education. He helped identify and facilitate new programs and quest speakers and does his part in promoting these programs to the Sarasota community.

“While our agency takes pride in all of its members and expects the highest standards of each, These recipients made a name for themselves during 2022,” said Sheriff Hoffman. “Serving our community and agency by constantly giving their very best is what Sarasota County deserves and what makes these employees outstanding.”