Sheriff's Office Promotions

NEWS RELEASE 22-048 - OCTOBER 18, 2022
Perazzo_Sutton_Kiesel_Hoffman - Copy

From left: Central Records Supervisor Dreama Perazzo, Finance Director Shannon Sutton, Administrative Division Chief and Chief Financial Officer Lisa Kiesel, and Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A Hoffman is pleased to promote three sheriff’s office members to new positions.

Chief Financial Officer Lisa Kiesel is promoted to the position of Administrative Division Chief. Before joining the sheriff’s office in April of 2013, Kiesel worked in multiple roles within Lee County Government, including as Chief Deputy Court Administrator. Kiesel is a Certified Public Accountant, recognized for spearheading several campaigns within the sheriff’s office, including a change to the healthcare plan, which saved the agency more than one million dollars. Additionally, she overhauled the agency pay plan and will soon lead the capital improvement project to expand the sheriff’s office headquarters. Kiesel earned a Meritorious Achievement Award for her work in moving the former sheriff’s office headquarters from downtown Sarasota into the current complex. She is a member of the Government Finance Officers Association & Florida Association of Public Procurement Officials and an instructor for the Florida Sheriffs Association’s Commander’s Academy.

Fiscal Manager Shannon Sutton is promoted to the position of Finance Director. Sutton joined the sheriff’s office in 2017 after working for Southern Technical College as the Finance Operations and Business Office Director. She was nominated four times by her co-workers and supervisors for Employee of the Month and received the award for the Administrative Division in December 2019. Sutton was also nominated for the Civilian of the Year award. She is a member of the Florida Government Finance Officers Association and, in 2021, was awarded a certificate in professional development for preparing comprehensive annual financial reports. 

Records Management Technician Dreama Perazzo is promoted to Central Records Supervisor. Perazzo joined the agency in 2010, and during her time, also served as Assistant Records Custodian. She has advanced training and has obtained several certifications to elevate her knowledge of public records. These classes include Criminal Law for Records Personnel, National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), Evidence and Records, Retention and Destruction, and Managing Public Records.

“I am incredibly proud of these three civilian members on their promotions,” commented Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman. “Our civilian workforce is the backbone of this agency and the reason we can effectively operate an organization of our size. It is no easy feat managing the public records function of law enforcement, overseeing a multimillion-dollar budget, or leading a division comprised of varying, complex functions. This community and our workforce will benefit greatly from their continued leadership.”