Aggravated Animal Cruelty Arrests


                                                                                                   Kincheloe, Alicia  Kincheloe, Roddy

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a father and daughter in connection with a social media video that went viral depicting the killing of an animal.
Members of the agency’s Agricultural Unit were notified August 11 of a Snapchat video that showed a small racoon in a dumpster. The racoon looked at the camera and was not showing any signs of aggression, however, the narrator of the video, 30-year-old Alicia Kincheloe, stated the racoon was “mean.” Additional video clips showed Kincheloe’s father, 63-year-old Roddy Kincheloe, hosing down the dumpster which appears to be smoking while Alicia says, “we just toasted his (expletive), who’s hungry?” The video then captured the inside of the dumpster where the charred remains of the animal can be seen on camera.
The following day, deputies met with Alicia at her home where she admitted to taking and posting the video however, she told deputies after returning from lunch that day, she found the dumpster smoldering. Alicia went on to say she and Roddy used a gas can that was filled with water in an attempt to extinguish the flames but once the dumpster began to “flare up,” Roddy used a nearby hose to put out the fire. Roddy corroborated the story to deputies. Later that day, deputies seized the gas can and tested the liquid inside which tested positive for being highly flammable.
Through continued investigation, deputies identified nearby surveillance video which captured the incident and showed Alicia reach into the dumpster using a pitchfork to pierce the dead racoon and remove it. Video surveillance also captured a woman arriving just after the animal was removed. When interviewed by deputies, the woman reported she went to meet Alicia after seeing the concerning Snapchat videos. The woman told deputies that upon her arrival, Alicia admitted that her father initially used a pitchfork to stab the animal. Alicia further admitted that after she and Roddy left for lunch and returned to find the animal still alive, Alicia poured gasoline on the animal while Roddy set the animal on fire. The woman further confirmed to deputies that Alicia removed the dead animal in an attempt to hide it from law enforcement.
Both Alicia and Roddy Kincheloe were arrested Thursday afternoon. Alicia, of 2457 E. Burr Oak Court, is charged with Aggravated Animal Cruelty and Tampering with Physical Evidence. She was released on $3,000 bond. Roddy is charged with a single count of Aggravated Animal Cruelty. At the time of his booking, Roddy experienced a medical issue and was transported to the hospital. He was later released on $1,500 bond.