Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation

NEWS RELEASE 22-044 - AUGUST 28, 2022

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office is currently conducting an officer-involved shooting investigation.
On Sunday, at 9:06 a.m., our Public Safety Communications Center received a call reporting a man was threatening a woman with a gun. She indicated the two were in an argument Saturday, and today she awoke to find the man pointing a gun at her. Deputies responded to the scene within approximately 5 minutes.
They attempted to contact the suspect and asked him to come out of the house, but he would not comply. Deputies eventually made contact via phone and convinced the suspect to go to the window and show his hands. The suspect then invited deputies into the home to retrieve the victim who was barricaded in a bedroom talking to 911 operators. Deputies entered the front door, which was left ajar after the suspect’s mother fled the residence during the incident.  
As four deputies entered the home, they were confronted by the suspect, who had his hands up. Deputies gave verbal commands to de-escalate the situation when the suspect retrieved a firearm from behind his back. He chambered a round in the weapon and then pointed the firearm at deputies.
At least two of the four deputies fired their weapons, killing the suspect. 47-year-old Brian Underwood has one prior arrest for Domestic Battery in 2014 out of Citrus County. Deputies have responded to calls involving Underwood in the past for other reported family disturbances; however, none have resulted in arrest.
The four involved deputies are considered victims of Aggravated Assault with a Firearm, and as such, their identities are being withheld. The female victim in this case is identified as a victim of Aggravated Domestic Assault with a Firearm and has opted into Marsy’s Law. For that reason, her identity and home address are being held confidential.

The investigation is ongoing.