Sheriff Hoffman Holds Awards Ceremony

NEWS RELEASE 22-043 - AUGUST 19, 2022 
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Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman presented several awards during a ceremony Thursday to recognize employees who demonstrated exemplary service to their community.

Deputy Josh Snow earned the Life Saving Award for rendering aid to a motorist who lost control of his motorcycle and struck a curb and sign before being ejected from the vehicle. Deputy Snow was first on scene and quickly assessed the injuries, focusing on stopping the bleeding from the victim’s leg, which was severed just below his hip. Deputy Snow promptly applied two tourniquets to slow the bleeding as other deputies arrived. Deputy Snow remained with the injured victim until EMS arrived and transported him to the hospital. It is thanks to Deputy Snow’s quick actions that the injured motorcyclist survived.

Deputy Christopher McConnell earned the Life Saving Award for his efforts to save a 61-year-old woman who choked. The victim was eating when she choked and stopped breathing. Deputy McConnell was first to arrive at the scene and quickly confirmed the victim was not breathing and did not have a pulse. Deputy McConnell performed two cycles of CPR before paramedics arrived and took over the victim's treatment. Paramedics intubated the victim, and a piece of food was removed from her airway. The victim regained a pulse, began breathing independently and was transported to the hospital for further treatment. Deputy McConnell’s quick response, evaluation of the patient, and proper lifesaving aid was essential to the paramedics being able to revive the patient.

Court Services Lieutenants Michael Dumer and Jamesa Tose and Sergeants Raymond White, Donald Bennett, and Eleni Koenig are presented the Meritorious Achievement Award for their contributions to the planning and completion of the south county courthouse. In late 2019, Lieutenant Tose and Sergeants White and Bennett began collaborating with Court Administration, the State Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Comptroller's Office, in preparation for a new state-of-the-art courthouse. Over several months, sheriff’s office personnel took part in significant conversations regarding building layout and security and how the new courthouse would require a holding and transportation area with specific criteria, to meet accreditation standards.

In 2022, the new courthouse was nearing completion but was plagued by supply chain and labor issues. Lieutenants Dumer and Tose and Sergeant Koenig worked closely with the construction workforce to identify and overcome problems as they arose. On April 18, the courthouse officially opened for business. Within the 40,000-square-foot building are four courtrooms that accommodate circuit and county civil, county criminal, family, probate, guardianship, and small claims proceedings. The facility is equipped with the most advanced technology and court services available. It is with credit to Lieutenants Dumer and Tose, as well as Sergeants White, Bennett, and Koenig, for their input in successfully completing this important project that will serve residents in south Sarasota County.

“I am incredibly proud of these men and women who represent the sheriff’s office,” commented Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman. “No two days or shifts are ever the same, yet these deputies and their supervisors are making a real impact every day they put on the uniform. I commend them for their dedication to duty and improving their community and agency.”