Man Arrested for Stolen Vehicle with Altered VIN

NEWS RELEASE 22-004 - JANUARY 21, 2022
Moyer, Dalton

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested a Sarasota man Tuesday in connection with a stolen high-performance sports car with a replaced serial number.

Detectives launched their investigation in December after receiving a tip about car thefts, including a red Dodge Charger Hellcat. Detectives learned that Patrol deputies initiated a traffic stop on a similar vehicle driven by Dalton Moyer, DOB 07/16/98, who was listed as the registered owner. Upon further investigation, detectives determined the visible vehicle identification number (VIN) belonged to a blue 2015 Dodge Charger owned by Moyer that was damaged beyond repair in a previous traffic crash in Ohio. Detectives executed a search warrant on the Charger most recently driven by Moyer and located a confidential VIN. They confirmed it was, in fact, the stolen Dodge Charger Hellcat that was repainted from red to blue.

Moyer, of 8963 West Silkwood Court, is charged with Grand Theft of a Motor Vehicle and Possessing a Vehicle with Altered Numbers. He was released on Wednesday on $3,000 bond. The investigation is ongoing, and additional charges are pending.