Lieutenants Graduate Command Officer Management Course

NEWS RELEASE 21-050 - SEPTEMBER 21, 2021
09-20-21 Saint Leo Graduation
From left: Captain Debra Kiner, Lieutenant Joseph Mitchell, Lieutenant Ivan Nelson, Major Brian Meinberg, and Captain James Forrest.

Sarasota County Sheriff Kurt A. Hoffman is pleased to announce two lieutenants graduated Thursday from the 22nd Command Officer Management Cohort sponsored by Saint Leo University and hosted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office.

Corrections Lieutenants Joseph Mitchell and Ivan Nelson participated in the 18-credit hour certificate program consisting of six courses over a six-month period. Students learned about critical topics such as administrative leadership, criminal justice ethics, human resources, and critical incident management.

“It is crucial that our supervisors understand and initiate agency best practices as they progress into leadership roles,” said Sheriff Hoffman. “Participation in continuing education at this level only enhances their ability to manage personnel and best serve our great community.”