Operation Knot Lit

NEWS RELEASE 19-121 - JULY 22, 2019

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office today released the results of Operation Knot Lit, a strategic initiative led by the Florida Sheriffs Association (FSA) Task Force, in 33 Florida counties that focused on education and enforcement of roads and waterways to ensure commuter safety.
The operation took place July 3 through July 7 which included the Independence Day holiday and Sarasota Grand Prix boat races. During this operation, Sarasota County deputies issued 184 warnings and 29 traffic/boating citations. More than 160 hours were dedicated during the enforcement period while 71 arrests were made and countless citizens educated.
The following are specific totals for Sarasota County:
-    184 warnings issued including:
105 warnings for unlawful speed/speed zone (boat) violations
79 warnings for careless driving/boating
-    29 uniform traffic/boating citations issued including:
6 for unlawful speeding
11 traffic control device violations
9 boat regulatory violations
3 boat safety violations
-    160 hours dedicated during enforcement period
-    74 arrests were made including:
3 for driving under the influence
0 for boating under the influence
71 people taken into custody for other criminal charges
“Operations like these become routine maintenance during the summer season here in Sarasota County,” commented Sheriff Tom Knight. “More often than not during these operations our deputies are making contact with drivers and boaters simply to educate. We are happy to partner with FSA on initiatives like Operation Knot Lit that drive crime down statewide.”
“Amplifying the safety on our roads and waterways is crucial for all Floridians and those who visit the Sunshine State,” said FSA President and Columbia County Sheriff Mark Hunter. “The dedicated enforcement of state laws that deal with driving or boating under the influence and being reckless behind the wheel will help to keep us all safe.”
Operation Knot Lit contributes to two of the FSA business operations goals which are to foster effective law enforcement and crime prevention, and to promote the activities of Sheriffs.