Search Warrant For Child Pornography Yields Additional Drug and Weapons Charges

                                                                                                              NEWS RELEASE 20-111 - SEPTEMBER 11, 2020

Venice 5
The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office arrested five Venice residents after a search warrant for child pornography also revealed drugs and weapons in the residence.

Detectives received a tip from the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) that an email account and mobile phone number registered to Stephen Manders, DOB 09/08/96, were utilized to upload child pornography to a Google server. On Thursday, detectives executed a search warrant at 347 Holly Rd. in Venice, seizing all electronic devices.
Manders was located sleeping in a bedroom with a cell phone next to him on the bed. A search of the cell phone revealed 200 images and videos depicting child exploitation material. The children ranged in age from infant to 17 years old. Stephen Manders was arrested and charged with 200 felony counts of Possession of Child Pornography, Possession of Methamphetamine and Possession of Butane Hash Oil. He remains in custody today on a $203,000 bond.
Upon entering the residence, detectives observed Michael Smith, DOB 03/12/81, lying on the couch with a cell phone underneath his body. A subsequent search of the phone revealed 30 images depicting child sexual exploitation material. The children ranged in age from 6 to 16 years old. Smith was arrested and charged with 30 counts of Possession of Child Pornography. He remains in custody on a $30,000 bond.
While executing the search warrant detectives observed numerous items of narcotic paraphernalia throughout the home. A second search warrant was obtained to allow further search of the residence.
Jason Paige, DOB 06/04/1981 and Juanita Roden, DOB 09/15/86 were found in a back bedroom. Inside the room detectives recovered 5.3 grams of methamphetamine, a 4mg Dilaudid pill and a Remington shotgun. Paige and Roden were arrested and charged with 2 counts of Possession of a Controlled Substance without a Prescription and Possession of a Weapon or Ammo by a Convicted Felon. Paige has three prior felony convictions and Roden has eight prior felony convictions. Both Paige and Roden were released on $10,500 bonds.
Richard Jones, DOB 06/17/74, was found occupying a front bedroom. A search of that room revealed 12.1 grams of Butane Hash Oil and 31.5 grams of individually prepackaged marijuana. Jones was arrested and charged with one count of Possession of Marijuana with Intent to Sell and one count of Producing Marijuana. He remains in custody on a $3,000 bond.