Lieutenants Graduate Command Officers Development Course

NEWS RELEASE 20-029 - FEBRUARY 14, 2020 
Brown_Lane_Mruczek_Cernansky_Ivings_Richard - Copy

Captain Ryan Brown, Lieutenants Jeff Lane, Scott Mruczek, and Paul Cernansky, Captain Bryan Ivings, and Major Paul Richard.

Sarasota County Sheriff Tom Knight is pleased to announce three lieutenants graduated today from the 85th Command Officers Development Course sponsored by the Southern Police Institute, Department of Justice Administration at the University of Louisville.
Law Enforcement Lieutenants Jeff Lane, Scott Mruczek and Paul Cernansky attended the 400-hour training program in Clermont in five, two-week segments over a five month period. Students learn to develop solutions to specific problems; plan, implement and evaluate management strategies; and understand federal requirements for personnel issues.
“It’s crucial for our supervisors to understand and initiate agency best practices as they progress in leadership roles,” commented Sheriff Tom Knight. “Continuing education programs and career development courses such as this are a vital part of our succession planning.”